Altitud 1960

It is a specialty coffee produced for those who choose only the best and originals that are willing to compromise. Your choice of Altitud 1960 demonstrates your zest for life.


We are delighted to offer you an exclusive coffee such as Altitud 1960 that has been grown, roasted and packaged in Colombia, a world brand of high quality coffee. In our country, cultivating the best coffee has become a national idea.

Colombia’s six most distinguished coffee locations: Medellin, Armenia, Tolima, Huila, Nariño and Manizales are named after the region in which they grew up and then marketed together to simplify the transfer of large coffee contracts by origin.

When you wish to taste an excellent coffee tasting note, you should know that Colombian coffees are known for being smooth and easy to drink, which makes them ideal for softening dominant flavors in other countries. Due to the great variety of varieties and growing regions within Colombia, it is difficult to determine exactly what flavors you will get from a single origin. Sweet chocolate flavors are very prominent in most, with some fruity notes that can touch on caramel, apple and red fruits such as berries. Colombian aromas tend to be a bit citrusy and fruity at times, with hints of spice.


Altitud 1960 is distinguished by its rich and saturated aroma, its delicate nutty flavor with a slightly bitter and lingering taste of mild cocoa and fruity aftertaste.


Choose the Altitud 1960 that suits you best: excellent supreme beans, delicious whole beans or ground beans for easy preparation at home. The Altitud 1960 collection contains organic whole bean coffee certified for U.S. and European organic food markets.


Café Altitud 1960 is the equivalent of perfect monotypes of Colombian arabica from the highlands. Each bean is carefully selected with love to bring you the pleasure of a good coffee.