Our cardamom is a seed with a concentrated flavor, and a  very aromatic smell .

Our cardamomo
is a seed with a concentrated flavor, besides a very aromatico smell that characterizes it.
We also have black cardamom, with a much more smoky aroma but not acid, besides a freshness mentholated. Very similar to that produced by Peppermint.

In THE COLOMBIAN FACTORY We have 2 types of cardamomo:
· Green Cardamomo
· Black Cardamomo

Origen: Antioquia – Colombia

Production capacity:
· 40- 60 tons per month

· Sanitary
· Good Manufacturing Practices
· And we are willing to process any other that you need to enter the product to your country.

Social Impact:
Once you buy the cardamom from our allied crops it benefits 20 families who directly depend on the collection of this species.

· Bags/ cartons  with or without labeling depending on the preferences of your preference 

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